Battle of Kestra

(1228/6) Kestra was the site of an epic battle, fought between the forces of Rennsfar and Serathyr during the opening months of the Emerald War.

The Rennsfari were victorious and the invading Serathian army was annihilated; losing nearly 17,000 out of its original force of 20,000 troops. The Rennsfari lost about 5,000 men.

Tragically; King Argilan II of Rennsfar was killed in this battle, when he was stabbed through the back by a spear, while trying to assist a wounded comrade. The King was succeeded by his widow; Queen Arathea.


Lord Saris DeMarco; the current ruler of Tymor, also fought bravely in this battle, and his younger brother Romo fell here.