Battle of Kestra

Kestra was the site of a ferocious battle that took place in the year 1228/6 between the forces of Rennsfar and Serathyr during the opening months of the Emerald War.

The Rennsfari were victorious and the invading Serathian army was annihilated; losing nearly 17,000 out of its original force of 20,000 troops. The Rennsfari lost about 5,000 men.

Tragically; King Argilan II of Rennsfar was killed in this battle, when he was stabbed through the back by a spear, while trying to assist a wounded comrade. The King was succeeded by his widow; Queen Arathea.

Lord Saris DeMarco; the current ruler of Tymor, also fought bravely in this battle, and his younger brother Romo fell here.