King K'Foth A'Nar

K'Foth A'Nar was a brilliant Vilzari leader who invaded the Ravinian Empire in 422/5, starting the First Vilzari War.

At the Battle of Herrenden Fields in 430/5, A’Nar was eventually defeated by a strong Imperial army led by King Eladan Myrnäe III.

This defeat came only after his army had caused eight years of death and plunder in the southern regions of the empire. Adding to this catastrophe, the victorious army of Eladan III foolishly pursued the retreating Vilzari into the harsh desert of the Sea of Sand.

When the Ravinian army entered the desert away from their shelter and supply, A’ Nar’s forces soon annihilated them. A’Nar’s legacy was that no army would again enter the vast desert to invade Vilzar until the Sixth Age.