Khargan the Luckless

(307-592/3) King Khargan Krandåhk; commonly known as "Khargan the Luckless," was the twelfth and final ruler of Urkhar. He was slain during the fall of Thürgen Feyr in 592/3.

When Khargan fell, his Val-Khûra stone was stolen by a Goblin-Chieftain named Grumak the Skullcrusher. Even today, the dwarves see Khargan’s death, the fall of his city and its priceless heirloom as the lowest point of the long and bitter War of Sorrows.

With the death of Khargan, the Krandåhk Clan was destroyed and rule of Thürgen Feyr passed to the Belthas Clan.