Khat is a small flowering plant with reddish-brown leaves that grows in almost any temperate environment of Corwyn and Avokhar. Leaves of this plant can be harvested and dried, and when smoked, produce a powerful sedative and hallucinogenic euphoria effect, similar to drunkenness. The leaves can also be chewed, producing an easy sign of the addict, the "bloody-mouth" or the "red smile."

The Khat plant is also a powerful analgesic and muscle relaxant, rendering the user immune to most pain for up to four hours. It also causes the user to become very susceptible to suggestion. The berries of the Khat plant are sometimes crushed and mixed with dream spider venom and ordinary tea to produce a potent hallucinogen called Dream Tea.

Addiction to the substance caused involuntary shakes and shivers; thus the root is nick-named "Shiver"

Unlike its cousin, Pipeweed, Khat is highly addictive and most kingdoms across Corwyn have outlawed its sale.

Cost varies across regions with a full pouch of it going for around 10-15 gp on the black market.