City-State of Khorlanis

Capitol: Khorlanis
Total Population: 72,000 (50% Adari, 35% Thalari, 10% Amari, 4% Gauth, 1% other)
City Population: 58,000 (living within the walls)
Demi-humans: 12,000 (69% dwarves, 5% elves, 10 % halflings, 16% gnomes)
Humanoids: few
Government: City-State
Current Leader: Margrave Yavoshay Bentham
Coat of Arms: a silver metallic griffon above purple chevron on a black field.
Exports: furs, fish, iron, weapons, gems

Once a major city of the lost kingdom of Adar, Khorlanis is now an independent city-state and the largest human settlement located in the Khorlann Steppes.

The city is strategically located in the foothills of the Shadow Mountains, near the coast of the Sea of Adar in a region known as the Erenath Valley.

Although the city has always striven for independence, on several occasions, its rulers have been forced into alliances with Morgoth, to ensure the city's survival. Today, the city population is an ethnic mixture of humans from the North and East, as well as a sizeable Gauth minority.

The city of Khorlanis is protected by a well-trained and well-equipped force of 300 Orellian mercenaries, from the Thunderbolt Regiment.

The city of Khorlanis is accessible via the Adar Road, which connects it to the city of Sirilath to the south, and the Krensway, which connects it to the city of Derilath to the west.


Battle of Khorlanis

Battle in 524/5, between the Ravinian Empire and Morgoth, which ended the Arctic War. During the battle, the forces of Morgoth were defeated, but the city of Khorlanis was destroyed in the fighting.