Khorovia was an ancient civilization that once controlled much of the Continent of Za'har.

Long ago, the ancient Deskari people founded Khorovia in the central plains of the Continent of Za'har around their city-state of Khorov.

The Deskari created a brutal and terrifying civilization that worshiped Demons and Dark Gods, and made widespread use of human sacrifice to honor those Gods. For fresh supplies of sacrificial victims, the Deskari made war upon their neighbors all across the Continent of Za'har.

These neighboring civilizations included the human tribes of the Olman, who were forced to flee the continent in large numbers.

Once they defeated the Olman, the Deskari also destroyed the Hakeen empire of Old Xhola in the year AR -552, and forced the mass migration of thousands of Hakeen refugees to the islands of Ilsenene, Rhaygos, and Styr. Thousands of other refugees fled to Corwyn or Azoria.


Ultimately; the Deskari people, their entire kingdom, and its capital city of Khorov were destroyed and the region succumbed to evil forces from the Abyss, and hosts of demons and other terrible creatures now freely roam here.

Sages believe that the evil High-Priests of Khorovia foolishly opened a portal into the lower planes of Hell, destroying themselves, their entire civilization, and creating the Blight; a permanent gateway between the world of Oris and the Underworld.

A few sages and scholars in Khalifar have studied the ancient Deskari culture and believe that their demon-worshiping practices directly led to the destruction of their civilization and the creation of the Blight.

Very little else is known about either Khorovia, its capital city of Khorov, or the Deskari people, as almost all written records have been lost.