Lost City of Khorvis

The abandoned coastal ruins of Khorvis on Iskandar was once a great seaport and the capital of the lost Iskari Empire.

As the capital city, Khorvis was said to be magnificent; with many tall towers and grand architecture. The gigantic Imperial palace was located in the center of the city, home to the legendary Alabaster Throne; seat of the Iskari emperors and empresses for over 1,000 years.

Near the end of the imperial era, the city of Khorvis was besieged by the Runelords during the reign of Empress Azonia. Shortly after the siege began, Ilnavel Cyrenäe sailed east for Corwyn with his fleet of 1,000 ships. Sages agree the city itself was destroyed shortly thereafter, during Skyfall.

The lost city of Khorvis are also well-known to sages because of the Therassic Order; an ancient order of monks based in the city, who kept all of the imperial records. The name of the order derived from the Theraskan Valley, where the city of Khorvis was located