Khundrakar is an ancient, ruined Dwarf-hold in the Reach; founded long ago by a famous dwarf named Durgeddin.

The underground stronghold was commonly called "Glitterhome." Khundrakar is the rumored location of a powerful Dwarven artifact; a magical battle-axe called Ironbite. Its exact location remains a mystery. Today, the nearest settlement is the human village of Keldath; part of the Barony of Heath.


Nine hundred years ago, a small clan of dwarves left Skarlahn Feyr to find a new home in the eastern hills of the region known asthe Reach. The leader of this clan was a dwarf named Durgeddin, who was an expert miner and forger of fine weapons. He had a vision to colonize the Reach, just as the ancient dwarves of the north ventured south to colonize the Salakr√ľn Mountains and founded Krone Feyr.

Durgeddin was wise, he knew what tragedy had befallen the dwarves of Krone Feyr, and was determined to avoid their mistakes. Durgeddin knew the Reach was a hostile area; filled with goblins and orcs. So, for many long years, he searched the Reach for a perfect place to build a dwarf-home, and slew any goblins nearby; so that no one would ever know its location.

By the year 485/6 the clan succeeded in driving their enemies out and founded a new stronghold they called "Khundrakar." Not even the dwarves of Skarlahn Feyr knew the secret location of the stronghold, and Durgeddin and his clan began their work in earnest mining many gems and building powerful weapons, and crafting a great hall to house them all.