Located in the Borderlands, Khundrakar is an abandoned Dwarf stronghold founded long ago by Durgeddin.

Commonly called the "Glitterhame," Khundrakar was built underneath a large mountain called the "Broken Tooth."

Centuries ago, a small clan of Dwarves escaped the fall of Krone Feyr, fled into the Borderlands and founded their own colony. Durgeddin knew what tragedy had befallen the dwarves of Krone Feyr, and was determined to avoid their mistakes. So, for many long years, he searched for a perfect place to build his stronghold, and slew any nearby goblins, so that no one would ever discover its location.

With his secret stronghold established, Durgeddin and his clan began their work in earnest, forging powerful weapons, including a legendary battle-axe called "Ironbite." Sadly, the dwarves were betrayed and their hidden stronghold overrun by orcs.