Lost Dwarf-Realm of Khûrzhad

Khûrzhad was one of two ancient Dwarf-realms of the far south, which was completely destroyed during the Great Rift of 884/3.

Khûrzhad was ruled by the one of the five great Dwarf-Clans who received an Elatir from the Council of Sorcerë. Khûrzhad was founded by the Dwarf-king Tharan Arvedui the Strong in 880/2, after he conquered and settled the Mountains of Mist. Khûrzhad thrived for 1,545 years before it was destroyed in 884/3 during the Great Rift, along with its capitol city of Orthan Feyr.

With the loss of this realm, the ancient Arvedui Clan was nearly wiped out, and one of the five Elatir was lost. The last dwarvish king of Khûrzhad was Thorabard Arvedui, known by the dwarves as the ‘Drowned King.’ The capitol and largest citadel of this ancient Dwarf-realm was the stone-carved city of Orthan Feyr, which held the famous Tilvium Throne in its Great Hall. Today, there are only a few ruins and scattered stone halls that remain of the Dwarf-realm. Most of its greatness slipped beneath the waves of the Sea of Ralas.

Some sages say that an evil race of aquatic creatures now dwell in the ruins of Orthan Feyr, and use the Elatir for their own dark purposes.