Lost Dwarf-Realm of Khûrzhad

Khûrzhad was an ancient Dwarven nation which was destroyed during the Great Rift of 884/3.

In the year 880 of the Second Age, Khûrzhad was founded by the Dwarf-king Tharan Arvedui the Strong, after he conquered the Mountains of Mist. For many centuries, the dwarven realm was ruled by the Arvedui Clan.

In the year 252 of the Third Age, in recognition of his bravery at the Battle of Orgorod, the Council of Sorcerë bestowed King Theron of with one of the five Val-Khûra stones.

Khûrzhad thrived for 1,545 years before it was destroyed during the Great Rift of 884/3. Its final ruler was Thorabard Arvedui, known today as the "Drowned King."

The dwarven capital was Orthan Feyr, which once held the famous Tilvium Throne in its Great Hall. Today, its ruins lie at the bottom of the Sea of Ralas.

When the dwarven city slipped beneath the waves, its Val-Khûra stone was also lost. Legend has it; a race of evil aquatic creatures now dwells in the ruins of Orthan Feyr, and uses the artifact for their own dark purposes.