Kilräen Dynasty

The Kilräen Dynasty was the line of rulers descended from King Vhäerik; who assumed the Brass Throne of Amar in 621/5, after the death of King Cedric Karston II during the Siege of Arynäe.

The Kilräen family ruled Amar from Athos-Sorel for 435 years. In 426/6, King Rodrik II of Amar merged his kingdom with the remainder of Erindar to become Ammarind. The Kilräen family continued to rule that country for another 248 years. The dynasty ended in 674/6 when King Anrik II was slain in the Battle of Krell and was succeeded by King Osric Selwyn.

The fifteen Kilräen monarchs of Amar are listed below:

Vhäerik 621-630/5, 1-25/6 *
Rodrik 25-57/6
Osric 57-87/6
Cedric 87-112/6
Marik 112-148/6
Raynara 148-172/6
Maladric 172-210/6
Cedric II 210-237/6
Myrcella 237-251/6
Egritte 251-293/6
Vhäerik II 293-329/6
Osric II 329-358/6 †
Maladric II 358-385/6
Astrid 385-420/6
Rodrik II 420-426/6


The nine Kilräen monarchs of Ammarind are listed below:

Rodrik II 426-459/6
Thorik II 459-497/6
Osric II 497-533/6
Cedric III 533-569/6
Vhäerik III 569-602/6
Ulrik II 602-644/6
Maladric III 644-654/6 †
Marik III 654-671/6 †
Anrik II 671-674/6 † **