Kilräen Dynasty

The Kilräen Dynasty was a line of Amador rulers descended from King Vhäerik, who assumed rulership of Amar in the year 621/5, after the death of King Cedric Karston II during the Siege of Arynäe.

The House of Kilräen held the Brass Throne at Athos-Sorel for 435 years. In the year 426/6, King Rodrik II of Amar merged his kingdom with the exile nobles from Erindar to become a new nation called: "Ammarind."

The Kilräen family continued to rule Ammarind for another 248 years. The dynasty ended in 674/6 when King Anrik II was slain in the Battle of Krell and was succeeded by King Osric Selwyn.

The Kilräen Rulers of Amar


Vhäerik 621-630/5, 1-25/6 *
Rodrik 25-57/6
Osric 57-87/6
Cedric 87-112/6
Marik 112-148/6
Raynara 148-172/6
Maladric 172-210/6
Cedric II 210-237/6
Myrcella 237-251/6
Egritte 251-293/6
Vhäerik II 293-329/6
Osric II 329-358/6 †
Maladric II 358-385/6
Astrid 385-420/6
Rodrik II 420-426/6

The Kilräen Rulers of Ammarind

Rodrik II 426-459/6
Thorik II 459-497/6
Osric II 497-533/6
Cedric III 533-569/6
Vhäerik III 569-602/6
Ulrik II 602-644/6
Maladric III 644-654/6 †
Marik III 654-671/6 †
Anrik II 671-674/6 † **