Kingsport (Tekrit)

(pop:46,000) Kingsport is a major Eldaran seaport located on the Storm Coast, off Conqueror's Bay.

Kingsport is also the main western naval base for Eldara's navy. Kingsport is the western terminus for the Isthmus Road leading from Sathay. The city is unique among Eldaran cities because of its mixed heritage of both Shorafi and Thannish culture, style, and architecture.

Kingsport is also a world-famous seaport, serving hundreds of merchant vessels from the cities of: Alarë, Elsareth, Freeport, Natharos, Pike's Ferry, Sasserine, Sathay, the Seven Cities of Brass, Shard, Syrene, Tymor, and Wyn Falas.

Kingsport is currently governed by Duke Brocar Irazadi.


The modern day city of Kingsport was once the site of the ancient city of Tekrit, the founding city-state of the Tekritian League. For many years of the Second Age the city prospered, until it was conquered by the Pharaohs of Shorafa.

Around the year 800 of the Third Age, Tekrit and the other five cities of the League rose up in a war against Shorafa. The League was defeated and Tekrit was destroyed by the Shorafi. After this catastrophe, the city lay in ruins for nearly one hundred years.

Over the next three centuries, as the city of Tekrit gradually rebuilt itself, it lost most of its Shorafi cultural heritage and became dominantly Thannish. About 900/3, the city became the capitol of the Barony of Dureth.

By 1150/3, the city of Tekrit came to be ruled by Valden the Conqueror, who used the city as a base to eventually found the great Thannish kingdom of Valdor. After Valden established his new Kingdom, he ordered the city renamed "Kingsport" and it became the capital of Valdor for many years.

Eventually, after Valden's death, the Royal Court of Valdor was moved to the larger city of Eldarand. Soon after, the rivalries of his two sons would trigger the Twilight War; a bloody conflict that broke Valdor into two smaller kingdoms; Eldara and Rhodara.