The Kingsway

Important roadway that runs east from the seaport of Wyn Falas to Castle Arden, then east again to the city of Eryth, then east again to the great seaport of Natharos; where travelers must cross the Iron Sea to Pike’s Ferry on the eastern side. From there, the road runs east to the crossroads of Daggerfell Keep, where it intersects the Axeway. The Green Gryffon Inn is located at this crossroads as well.

The Kingsway then continues east again to the city of Gresham, then continues east across Erindar to the capitol of Chelstad, then east again across the Withered Mountains to the fortress of Garlstone Keep. The Kingsway then runs east to the Alvernian cities of Marigold and Holt, then east again to the city of Anderlyn. Here it intersects the Silvar Road. From there, the Kingsway leads again southeast until it ends at the city of Alenthas, where it intersects with the Border Road and East Road.

The Kingsway was built during the Fourth Age by the kingdoms of Cyrendar, Erindar, Elyria, and Alveron and later expanded in the Fifth Age by the Ravinian Empire. It is completely paved with pale grey stones and is in excellent condition today. The road is jointly maintained by all four kingdoms. The Ravinian Empire once maintained dozens of keeps and outposts along the road to protect travelers on its route, but almost all of these are now abandoned. The Kingsway is the busiest road on the continent, with many caravans and travelers using its route. The Kingsway is also called the ‘West Road’ and the ‘Road of the Empress.’