Kobolds are small, aggressive, inward, yet industrious, humanoid creatures. They are noted for their skills at mining, building traps and preparing ambushes. Kobolds are distantly related to dragons and are sometimes found serving as their minions.

Kobold are small, reptilian humanoids that stand less than three-feet tall tall. They weigh 45 to 55 pounds, with scaled skin between reddish brown and bright red in color and dark orange or yellow eyes. Their legs are sinewy and dog-like. Kobolds have long, clawed fingers and jaws like a crocodile. Small white or tan horns protrude from their heads, and they have rat-like tails. Kobolds often smell of wet dog and stagnant water, and prefer to wear ragged leather garments.


Kobolds form tribal societies; usually living in dark, underground lairs, or thick forests. Their lairs are often overcrowded, although when one tribe becomes too numerous, it will split into numerous, smaller groups. The overcrowding eliminates the concept of privacy, so kobolds sleep in communal areas where nudity is not regarded as shameful or offensive, even to the opposite sex. Kobolds wear clothing for function or ritual, not to prevent nudity. Overcrowding in kobold lairs often leads to conflict, although these fights are usually not lethal.


Kobolds hold a hatred for nearly all other humanoid races and enjoy killing and torturing them, particularly brownies, gnomes, pixies and sprites. The ultimate goal of the kobolds race seems to be the conquest of as much territory as possible. Kobolds dig mines industriously, while also laying cruel traps for intruder; preferring an ambush to direct confrontation. If they ever confront an enemy, kobolds will try to overwhelm their foes with sheer numbers. Among monstrous humanoids, kobolds are known for their cunning plans. Generally, Kobold plans were quite detailed, and were shared with all members of the tribe.



Kobolds often create intricate lairs by mining them from solid rock. Kobold mining is a meticulously planned and conducted process where nothing is left to chance. Kobold Shamans often use divination magic to locate ore and mineral deposits. As a result of these skills, a high proportion of any kobold tribe are miners.


The greatest skill attributable to kobolds is trap-making. The use of invention and cunning in traps was the mark of a good trap-maker. The other art form is the pictorial representation of the tribe's history, created on the walls of a specially created room in every lair. Kobolds enjoy making jewelry from the gems and precious metals they encounter while mining. They can be possessive about their personal jewelry collections, and much effort is put into crafting beautiful jewelry, unlike other items, which are functional rather than aesthetically pleasing.


Kobolds have always been resentful of their short stature and hated members of other races who poked fun at them for this. Most felt as though they ought to compensate for their small size in other ways, such as humor or aggression. They would naturally tend to hate larger creatures, and although they would show respect and obedience if required, they always looked for ways to display their resentment.