The Kopru are a savage amphibian race who once ruled a great undersea empire. Though reduced to scattered clans of barbaric hunters, they retain their cunning, ambition, and powers of mental domination.


Slightly over seven feet in height, Koprus appear as horrid, walking fish-men. They have vaguely humanoid bodies with webbed and clawed forelimbs and a bulbous yellow-eyed head, with a long barbed tail. Their horrific fish-like faces have a lamprey-like maw filled with sharp teeth. The glowing, yellow eyes of a Kopru can instantly hypnotize any creature and force it to the do the bidding of the Kopru who gazed upon it.


Kopru have a matriarchal society in which powerful female shamans or oracles lord over loosely-organized colonies of up to two dozen. Female kopru are predominantly divine spellcasters or warriors, while males can win renown with stealth or arcane prowess. Each kopru colony has an assortment of slaves of various aquatic races, typically Merfolk, Sea-Elves, and Locathahs; coastal Locathah tribes sometimes abduct surface-dwelling humanoids and corral them on isolated islands to sell them to the Kopru. Kopru thrive in heat and prefer to lair near volcanic vents.


The Kopru empire once spread across all four oceans of Oris, their underwater cities built near ocean currents that facilitated quick travel across vast distances. These creatures were and remain fanatically devoted to the demon lord Demogorgon, whom they believe created them and blessed them with their mental powers. The Kopru ruled as the priesthood and nobility of a multi-species society, using the Morkoths and Sahaugin to serve as the slaves and warriors.

Roughly 3,000 years ago, a period of natural disasters, civil war between the empire’s constituent races, and wars with the hated Aboleth destroyed the Kopru empire, and over the course of a few centuries their cities fell into disrepair and the kopru were scattered across the great oceans of the world.