Korannen Dynasty

The Korannen Dynasty is the current royal family of Orel descended from King Larkin, who assumed the Gilded Throne in the year 731/6 after the death of King Bryce Zheren during the Battle of Herakan Reef.

The House of Korannen has ruled the kingdom of Orel for 516 years and a total of twenty-one monarchs have ruled from Castle Arianna. The current, ruling monarch is King Lorien II.

The 21 Korannen monarchs of Orel are listed below:

Larkin 731-766/6
Lars 766-785/6
Lorien 785-791/6 †
Devorah 791-820/6
Lorien 820-838/6
Leland 838-868/6
Larkin II 868-901/6
Emadriel 901-936/6
Lyonel 936-962/6 †
Bryce 962-990/6
Lyndon II 990-1023/6
Ophelia 1023-1055/6
Brynden 1055-1087/6
Larkin III 1087-1102/6
Olivia 1102-1133/6
Alistair 1133-1159/6
Rygel 1159-1169/6
Avril 1179-1193
Loris II 1193-1210/6 †
Leland II 1210-1244/6
Lorien II 1244/6-present