Kor's Twins

Kor's Twins are the tallest peaks in a large mountain range of the same name; located between the Frozen Coast of the Sea of Vaas and the northern borders of Derianor

The mountains are named for the Vaas champion of the Third Age who first conquered the region for his people.

Legend has it that Kor took his axe and split the tallest mountain on Corwyn in half, and it became two peaks, known as Kor’s Twins. Others believe the mountains were named for his two twin sons who were also great Vaas warriors.

The powerful Vryne River flows south out of these mountains, on its route toward the Almyron Sea.

Today, the mountain valleys contain many scattered Wildfolk villages. It is said, the Twins were once home to all "Ten-Tribes" of the Nolar.

One section of these mountains is made up of a jagged series of razor-sharp rocky ridges called the Dragon's Claws.