(population: 38,000) Korthos is the second largest city in the kingdom of Serathyr, located on the southern shores of the Sea of Alyr, near the the northern foothills of the Cairn Mountains.

Korthos is one of the oldest human settlements on the Continent of Corwyn, and has long taken advantage of its strategic location to become quite wealthy from the lumber exports from the neighboring Celadon Forest.

Every day, long caravans of rich timber travel south on the Olde Peninsula Road, headed for the port of Rastios.

In addition to overland trade, Korthos also has a bustling harbor district. Its docks are clogged with barges and other marine traffic from neighboring ports and settlements, spread across the Sea of Alyr.

The city of Korthos is currently governed by Duke Axel Arkalan.

Local History

Korthos was founded by the Asgari people; a Ralani ethnic group. The city traces its roots back to the the late Third Age, when it was little more than a colony of the ancient city-state of Asgamoth.

When Asgamoth was destroyed during the Great Rift of 884/3, Korthos became fully independent and grew into the large metropolis it has become today.

Korthos was later absorbed into the expanding kingdom of Ralas, and, after the conclusion of the War of the Celadon, it was absorbed into the present Kingdom of Serathyr.