Krandåhk Clan

The Krandåhk Clan was a powerful ruling clan of dwarves, who under king Kyros the Proud, founded the ancient realm of Urkhar.

Urkhar was founded in 672/2, after a long and bitter series of wars with neighboring orc tribes; wars which did not end with the creation of the dwarf-realm. This clan possessed one of the five Elatir and ruled Urkhar for 1,467 years. This clan was wiped out in 592/3, when its twelfth and last king, Khargan the Luckless was slain during fall of the city of Thürgen Feyr.

The loss of the Krandåhk Clan, along with the Goblin's capture of their city and their Elatir stone is considered the low point for the race of Dwarves in the War of Sorrows.

The twelve Dwarf-Kings of Urkhar from the Krandåhk Clan are listed below:

Kyros 672-752/2
Krolon 752-883/2
Kerlag 883-1026/2
Kron 1026-1170/2
Kadrathor 1170-1308/2
Kharag 1308-1541/2, 1-25/3
Khyrhon 25-163/3
Kelthor 163-252/3 †
Kothar 252-402/3
Kerathor 402-581/3
Karth 581-437/3 †
Khargan 437-592/3 †