Elias Krasdan

Lord Elias Krasdan was a fierce Vaas warrior and loyal ally of Erin Fremantle, who fought beside him in the Wars of Destiny.

As a reward, Elias' heirs were granted control over the Erindari City of Rilsavar. Elias spent much of his later life rebuilding the ruins of "Castle Rilsavar;" which he re-named Castle Krasdan.


The Krasdan family loyally served the Kingdom of Erindar for over 600 years. This loyalty was tested when Eldred Orsini attempted to usurp the Ivory Throne, triggering the bloody War of Succession. The Krasdans chose to ally themselves with Queen Elwyn Fremantle.

In the year 32/6, Queen Elwyn and her young son Escador moved here from the Erindari capitol city of Chelstad, at the conclusion of that conflict.

Hathrus Krasdan; the last Patriarch of the Krasdan family, who had been slain in the war, bequeathed his castle to his beloved Queen.