The Kratheri

(Red-Men) This ancient and nearly extinct race of men lives in far southeastern Corwyn and is made up of largely subjugated people of the modern kingdom of Thûle. The Kratheri once had a series of settlements throughout the Kratheri Peninsula called Kerathos, but that realm was conquered and assimilated by Thannish invasions long ago. The Kratheri have reddish-brown skin, brown, green or grey eyes and black or brown hair. There are few of these people left alive today on the continent of Corwyn, and most are located on far eastern Corwyn along the Kratheri Peninsula. Most Kratheri people of Thûle are enslaved and have been for generations. Only in the island nations of the Vhan Myr, the Free City of Quelaara, or the Continent of Za'Har can you come across these people in any great numbers. It is said that many Kratheri folk left Za'Har long ago to dwell on the continents of Corwyn and Avokhar, due to the horrors of an ancient Kratheri group called the Deskari, who worshiped demons and conducted human sacrifices. The Kratheri who migrated to Corwyn and established the realm of Kerathos once had their own distinct language and customs, but all that was destroyed long ago by the Thannish colonists from Eldara.

Common Kratheri names include: Aggo, Dhago, Nago, Visko, and Zhago.

Krathë: the ancient language of the Kratheri people. It is little used and now considered a dead language. Only a few Kratheri scholars and sages are familiar with its speech and writing, and it is illegal to either speak or write the language throughout the realm of Thûle. This language is only encountered along the Kratheri Peninsula, and only spoken there rarely. It has been forcibly replaced by an eastern dialect of Thannish. Many ancient ruins and former Kratheri buildings carry the written form of this language as inscriptions, but very few can read the symbols or decipher them. Only in the interior of the continent of Zakresh is the language commonly used today.