King Kren Alaghon

Kren Alaghon was a former Ravinian knight who founded the northern kingdom of Marundi in the early Fifth Age.

Ever since the devastating Storm of the North had destroyed the kingdom of Thalar, Corwyn's Northern Peninsula had collapsed into several small fiefdoms constantly at war with one another. The petty bickering of the Thalari nobles resulted in a 570-year long period of total chaos and misery for the people of the North.

With the ascension of Empress Ravinia to the Raven Throne of the Ravinian Empire, the situation in the North changed drastically. Ravinia called upon Kren Alaghon, a powerful northern Lord who had previously served her in the Unification Wars and whom she trusted completely.

Ravinia gave Kren the monumental task of restoring order to the war-torn Northern Peninsula, which had been in a state of chaos for over five centuries. At that time, Kren was already the Lord of Derilath, and leader of the Ruendi; the largest of the five Thalari Clans. Kren already controlled much of the southern region of the Peninsula, which was called "Mar-Ruendi," meaning "Lands of the Ruendi."

From Derilath, Kren set out upon his quest, assisted by several Imperial Legions sent by Empress Ravinia. the coming campaign became known as the War of the Frozen Snow. Over the next eight years, there were several major battles, but even those defeated Nobles who openly fought against Kren were later granted amnesty and pardoned. Kren eventually took control of the entire Northern Peninsula, using either diplomacy or brute force. With the final defeat of his arch-rival Maglund, Kren re-united all the Thalari peoples under one banner for the first time since the fall of Thalar.

Afterward, peace and prosperity came to the North for many long years. in 98/5, Kren was anointed by Ravinia as the first King of Marundi. He assumed the Bearclaw Throne of Castle Obsidian that same year, and his descendants became known as the Alaghon Dynasty.

Kren ruled over Marundi for 24 years. Unfortunately, he was slain during a doomed military expedition to besiege the evil fortress of Sol-Kathad. The evil fortress never fell and the futile expedition was finally called off by Kren’s son; Beren.

Today; the Krensway road, Kren’s Keep, and Kren’s Crossing are all named for this Thalari hero.