King Kren Alaghon

Kren Alaghon was a former Ravinian knight and the founder of the northern Ravinian kingdom of Marundi.

Kren was a mighty Ravinian knight who was given the task of restoring order to the Northern Peninsula, which had been in chaos for over five centuries.

Ever since the devastating Storm of the North, which destroyed the kingdom of Thalar, the Northern territories had collapsed into several small fiefdoms constantly at war with one another. These petty nobles constantly warred with each other and the result was a 570-year long period of total chaos and misery for the Thalari people. Empress Ravinia knew Kren himself was Thalari, hailing from a region near Derilath. He had served for many years in Imperial service , fighting in many battles and displaying both courage and leadership.

Ravinia ordered him and a Ravinian army to take back the North, by either diplomacy or force and re-unite the Thalari peoples under one banner. She felt this would bring peace and prosperity to the North. Kren used sheer force of will to force the norther lords into submission. There were few battles, and even those defeated Nobles who openly fought against Kren were later granted amnesty and pardoned. Kren established the new Kingdom of Marundi and assumed the Bearclaw Throne in the year 98/5.

Kren ruled for 24 years and was a popular and just ruler of Marundi. Unfortunately, he was slain during the last expedition of his life. King Kren led an army to besiege the evil fortress of Sol-Kathad and was slain while doing so. The castle never fell and the futile expedition was finally called off by Kren’s son; Beren.

It is ironic that Kren is held in the highest esteem by the Marundians as a hero, for in reality, he was a loyal Ravinian knight who would never have approved of the current realm of Marundi, or its corrupt Norax Dynasty. Today; the Krensway road, Kren’s Keep, and Kren’s Crossing are all named for this fallen hero.

Kren was the first monarch of the Alaghon Dynasty.