Kren's Crossing

(population: 5,000) Located in southeastern Marundi, near the kingdom's border with Ammarind, Kren's Crossing is a large, fortified town whcih serves as an important trading center.

For many years, Kren's Crossing has been a place of safe refuge. The settlement is located in a dangerous region of bitter cold, savage creatures, and roving, bloodthirsty, bands of Sköda raiders.

Because of its long, violent history, the town is heavily fortified, with strong timber walls, stone battlements, and impregnable iron gates.

Within those walls, is the Forgotten King Inn; an infamous watering hole and gathering place for adventurers, merchants, and traders of every stripe. On a rocky hill overlooking the town, lies the ancient fortress of Kren’s Keep.

Kren's Crossing is also an important junction of three major roads:

Local History

Kren's Crossing was founded in the early Fifth Age, when it was a military camp guarding the road junction. The settlement was named for King Kren Alaghon.