Freehold of Kreska

Capital: Ravensburg (population: 7,635)
Population: 125,000 (87% Thann, 10% Rynnish, 3% other)
Demi-humans: 21,000 (15% dwarves, 70% elves, 15% halflings)
Humanoids: few
Government: Freehold
Current Leader: Baron Mazrik Keane
Coat of Arms: a blue and purple quartered field with two gold lions, a black bow and 3 arrows
Exports: mercenaries, lumber, weapons, crafts

Kreska is small, independent Freehold, located in the Ravenwood region of Corwyn.

The freehold is famous for the legendary Kreskan Archers, and the sales of their legendary polished black Sablewood bows, which are made from local trees in the Ravenwood forest. The Kreskans have served the kingdom Orel in every conflict, and their bowmen have won much recognition in battle.

The settlement of Ravensburg was first established in the early Fourth Age by the Kreskans; a Thannish ethnic group. Its main purpose was a safe way-station for merchant caravans as they passed through the region. Eventually, the city declared independence from Gwynne and became a Freehold.