Kreskan Archers

Hailing from the Freehold of Kreska, the Kreskan Archers are legendary bowmen who often hire themselves out as mercenaries.

Over the years, these archers developed a world-famous reputation for their deadly accuracy with both their Sablewood Bows and their use of poisoned arrows.

Growing up in the thick forests of Ravenwood, these bowmen train from childhood, and only the very best are selected to serve as mercenaries in the Kreskan Archers Regiment.

Historically, the regiment has hired itself as mercenaries in the servcie of several different kingdoms; including Eldara, Gwynne, and Orel. Today, the regiment is commanded by Osric Hathrus.


Kreskan Archers were first hired by Rygar Alesard in his rebellion against Eldara; these mercenaries served him very well during the epic Battle of Stonehedge; which ended the Second Eldaran Civil War in the year 1248/4.

In the year 1264/4, the archers won further acclaim at the infamous Battle of Naskan Bay. During this battle; a force of 1,000 Kreskans was crucial to the defeat of the Thûlian invasion force, who suffered over 5,000 casualties from the infamous "rain of arrows." Most of those killed never even saw an Orellian soldier.

The third, and most famous exploit of the Kreskan Archers took place in the in the year 1279/4, at the epic battle of Relanoth. During the fighting, the Kreskans unleashed "Red Rain," resulting in a slaughter of 20,000 Vilzari warriors in a matter of minutes. Sages consider this the deadliest feat in military history.

It is not as well known that several units of these archers were later hired by the Mad-King of Rhodara in his bloody War against Eldara.

Never again has the Freehold allowed the Regiment to be hired out for use in an evil cause. However, small independent units remain employed as mercenaries across the continent. Some of these serve morally questionable causes.

Today, the most well-known Kreskan unit is the Iron Eagle Regiment; which serves King Lorien of Orel.