Kreskan Archers

Legendary bowmen of the Freehold of Kreska. These archers have served as mercenary soldiers in the service of Orel and earlier, in the service of Eldara for hundreds of years and their deadly accuracy is well known, as is their reputation for use of their famous Sablewood Bows and their poisoned arrows. Their most famous exploit was the 'Red Rain,' a slaughter of 20,000 Vilzari warriors in a matter of minutes during the Battle of Relanoth in 1279/4.

Another famous use of these archers was at the Battle of Naskan Bay in 1264/4. During this battle; a force of 1,000 of these mercenaries was crucial to the defeat of the Thûlian invasion force, who suffered over 5,000 casualties from the infamous "rain" of Kreskan arrows. Most of those killed never saw an Orellian soldier.

It is not as well known that several units of these archers were later hired by the Mad-King of Rhodara in his bloody War of Annexation against Eldara. Never again have these fine mercenary troops been hired for an evil cause. However, independent mercenary units of these famous archers are employed throughout Corwyn. The most famous is the Iron Eagle Regiment, based in the Orellian capital of Ordana.