Lost Dwarf-Realm of Kronar

Kronar was an ancient, dwarvish nation once located beneath the Frostcrown Mountains.

When it was originally founded, Kronar was intended only to be a southern colony of the northern dwarvish realm of Orrek and to replace the lost, Dwarven nation of Khûrzhad.


But the discovery of rich deposits of Bloodstones under the mountains made Kronar much more than any mere colony. It eventually became the wealthiest of all the Dwarven-realms, with riches far surpassing the holdings of the northern Dwarves.


In the year 967/3, King Relgathor the Far-Sighted of Orrek, ordered Haskanar the Bold of the Durthas Clan to lead a large army south to the "Salakrün Mountains" and establish a new Dwarven colony.

After a twenty-year military campaign, Haskanar completed his conquest of the Mountains by driving out several large tribes of orcs and goblins. In the year 987/3 Haskanar founded the new Dwarf-realm called "Kronar," and was anointed as its first King.

Discovery of Blood-Stones

Shortly after Kronar was established, the dwarves began mining deep below the Salakrün Mountains, where they discovered vast deposits of rare, valuable gems called "Bloodstones." These stones brought untold wealth to the Dwarves of Kronar, and they used that wealth to built a magnificent underground city, they called "Krone Feyr.''


King Relgathor even sent one of the four remaining Val-Khûra stones to aid the Kronar dwarves in their mining and construction projects. Over the years, Krone Feyr grew into a large and prosperous city that traded with not only with dwarves in the north, but men and elves. The fabled wealth of the city led to legends that it was paved with gold and gems, and glittered like the sun under the Earth itself. Local folk began calling the city; "Glitterhome."


But, alas, the fabulous wealth of the dwarves of Kronar brought them unwanted attention as well. The goblin and orc tribes of Corwyn, long bitter toward the dwarves for driving them out of the Salakrün Mountains, began to plot with Alokkair to overthrow Kronar and take its riches for themselves.

After a long and prosperous reign of 1,271 years, Kronar came into troubled times. In the year 1079/4, a great orc and goblin host invaded the Dwarf-realm and destroyed it, along with its capital of Krone Feyr.


When Krone Feyr fell to the orcs, the dwarvish Val-Khûra stone located there was lost as well. Kronar's last ruler was King Ulgathor the Unyielding; who tried in vain to defend Krone Feyr against the orc and goblin hordes.

Recent Expeditions

For centuries, the dwarves dreamed of sending another expedition south to retake the ruins and rebuild their great city.

In the year 699/6, a great dwarvish warrior named Rhom Durthas led an expedition of dwarves south to retake Krone Feyr and rebuild Kronar. Rhom called his new dwarf-realm "Grimhold," but it lasted only 27 years, before being destroyed by an orc invasion.

Over the last 500 years, the Dwarf-Kings of Orrek have yearned to send yet another expedition, but so far it has not come to pass.