The Kronarwood is a large woodland region located in the Highlands, near the dwarvish realm of Orrek.

This massive conifer forest is bordered on the North by the Myr Thalal, the south by the Nolar Vaas, the east by the Axehead Mountains, and on the west by the Swordpoint Mountains.

Kronarwood is unique because it is the only forest on Corwyn where Wood-Elves and the dwarves live together in harmony.

The Axeway; an important dwarf-built roadway, runs through this forest on its route between Darôk and Athos-Avarel.

A series of trails run west through this forest from the junction of Jagged Pass and the Chokar Road. These trails are important to trade and are used by the both dwarves and Wood-Elves.

The Kronarwood is named for the ancient and very prideful dwarvish Kronehelm Clan.