Lost City of Krone Feyr

‘Hall of Jewels’ (Kh) Capitol city of the lost Dwarf-realm of Kronar, which was built by order of King Relgathor the Far-sighted of Orrek as a monument to the power and glory of his fallen dwarvish ancestors. Construction began in 987/3, supervised by King Haskanar the Bold of the Durthas Clan. The ruins of the great underground city can still be found deep within the Salakrün Mountains. The Durthas clan still harbors bitter hatred of the orcs to this day for their defeat and the destruction of their beautiful stone city in 1087/4. Krone Feyr was the greatest of dwarvish cities and was known to humans and other races throughout Corwyn as ‘Glitterhome.’

The great Hall in Krone Feyr was the largest and grandest dwarvish structure ever built on Corwyn. It held the mighty Bloodstone Chair, the seat of southern Dwarf power for many centuries. the city is still the most famous ruin on the continent of Corwyn, and the destination of many ill-fated expeditions and foolish adventurers.