Lost City of Krone Feyr

Located deep below the Frostcrown Mountains, Krone Feyr was once the magnificent capital of the lost Dwarven Kingdom of Kronar.

In the Third Age, King Relgathor the Far-sighted of Orrek decided to establish a colony in what the dwarves call the "Salakrün Mountains." For this epic task, the King chose Haskanar the Bold of the Durthas Clan.

After a long and bloody campaign, Haskanar drove out the orcs and goblins living under the mountains. The dwarves then began building a magnificent city called Krone Feyr, meaning "Hall of Jewels." It became the grandest dwarvish structure ever built on Corwyn. Within its Great Hall sat the mighty Bloodstone Chair; the seat of southern Dwarf power for many centuries.

With vast riches derived from the mining of Bloodstones found beneath it, the city became an example of dwarven opulence. Visitors began calling it "Glitterhome." Sadly, after a long and prosperous reign of 1,271 years, the city was destroyed in 1078/4 by a massive orc invasion. Today, its ruins are infested with orcs and other foul creatures.

The only known surface route into the ruins is via Trailsend, which once connected the dwarven city to the human Freehold of Trevalia.