Kronehelm Clan

The Kronehelm Clan was a powerful dwarven clan, which ruled the nation of Azkar for a brief period, then went on to rule Orrek for centuries.

The Kronehelm Clan served the dwarven nation of Azkar for many years. When the War of Sorrows broke out, Celathor Kronehelm served as a senior officer in the dwarven ranks, leading his troops in many successful campaigns against the hated goblins.

When the dwarven city of Thürgen Feyr fell, and its Val-Khûra stone was stolen by Grumak the Skullcrusher, Celathor swore to recover the orb and avenge the death of King Kharghan. For sixty years he led a band of hardy dwarves dee punderrgound, and eventually recovered the stone.

Although Celathor later died in the Battle of the Fiery Gorge, his son Algathor went on re-unite the three northern dwarf-holds into a new nation called "Orrek."

In the year 968/3, King Relgathor the Farsighted ordered Haskanar the Bold on a mission to conquer the Salakrün Mountains, which led to the founding of a new dwarven nation called "Kronar."

The Kronehelm Clan continued to rule Orrek for another 1,454 years, until the death of Arvegorn; "the Barren King," who died without an heir in 935/4.

Even today, this heroic clan is remembered with great sadness and admiration among the dwarves.

A total of eight members of the Kronehelm Clan sat upon the dwarven Throne:

The One Dwarf-King of Azkar

Algathor 655-660/3

The Seven Dwarf-Kings of Orrek

Algathor 660-905/3
Relgathor 905-1179/3 †
Durgathor 1179/3, 1-186/4
Andrathor 186-306/4
Durthon 306-522/4
Beregorn 522-720/4
Arvegorn 720-935/4