Kronehelm Clan

The Kronehelm Clan was a powerful ruling clan of the dwarves, who ruled both the ancient realms of Azkar and Orrek.

King Celathor the Avenger of this clan took over ruler ship of Azkar in the early days of the War of Sorrows, after the death of King Vholnir the Tireless in 436/3. The Kronehelm clan ruled Azkar for 224 years, before King Algathor of this clan united the three northern dwarf-realms into the great realm of Orrek in 660/3, five years after the death of his father Celathor during the Battle of Khonë Valley.

King Relgathor the Farsighted of this Clan later ordered Haskanar the Bold on his mission to conquer the Salakrün Mountains, which led to the founding of the dwarf-realm of Kronar in 968/3.

The Kronehelm Clan continued to rule the dwarf-realm of Orrek for another 1,454 years, until the death of Arvegorn 'the Barren King;' its seventh and last king who died in 935/4 without an heir. This heroic clan is remembered with great sadness and admiration in Dwarf-lore today.

The two Dwarf-Kings of Azkar from the Kronehelm Clan are listed below:

Celathor 436-655/3 †
Algathor 655-660/3

The seven Dwarf-Kings of Orrek from the Kronehelm Clan are listed below:

Algathor 660-905/3
Relgathor 905-1179/3 †
Durgathor 1179/3, 1-186/4
Andrathor 186-306/4
Durthon 306-522/4
Beregorn 522-720/4
Arvegorn 720-935/4