(population: 25,000) Krylnath is the seventh largest city in the kingdom of Cyrendar, and the smallest of the major Cyrendari coastal seaports; located on the Lost Coast of Westvale Island. The city is also accessible via the Lost Coast Road which connects it to the cities of Tharnia and Wyn Falas.


The ancient city of Krylnath has a long, dark history, that stretches back into the Fourth Age.

Back then, Krylnath was the capital of a powerful Iskari Duchy called "Varia," which was ruled by a powerful Vassal Lord named Kalfus Mandrake. In the year 1068/4, King Ilcanar Cyrenäe II of Cyrendar was poisoned by Alokkair’s agents, leaving no rightful heir, and Foehammer; the King's Melanthir sword was stolen from Erôn-Wyntharë.

That same year, disputes arose as to the proper royal successor. Fueled by Alokkair’s treachery, Lord Kalfus, along with the Dukes of Cynara and Hennara, rebelled against the Kingdom of Cyrendar and sparked the bloody Iskari Civil War. For the next twenty years, a terrible Civil War raged between the opposing factions before all were united under one banner by King Ikharos Blackburn in the year 1087/4.

After the war's end, King Ikharos destroyed the noble House of Mandrake. Duke Kalfus Mandrake and two of his sons were slain in battle, and his third son was executed. Ikharos then broke the Duchy of Varia into the four smaller Duchies: Barstow, Stormchapel, Randivik, & Varia, which were then ruled by the King's loyal, hand-picked noble Lords.

The ancient home of Castle Mandrake still exists, atop a great hill overlooking the city, although for centuries it has been home to the powerful House of Arzadon.

Today, the city of Krylnath is governed by Duke Exley Arzadon.