(population: 28,000) Kuldhûr is a large city located in southern Drakhara.

Like other Drakharan cities, Kuldhûr is a dreary place, filled with fear and poverty. the city has a mixed population of humans, Tarks, and Gauth.

The city is accessible via the Adar Road which connects it to the city of Sirilath to the north, and via the Marsh Road that leads east to the Ansilay Road and the East Road.


The city of Kuldhûr is ancient, with origins tracing back to the First Age of Corwyn.

Back then, it was an elvish city called "Alarad." When the War of Wrath broke out, this city became a stronghold of the Dark-Elves, and was later destroyed by magical fire.

It was rebuilt and became the stronghold of the Gauth; a hybrid race created by the Drow. The Gauth re-named their city "Kuldhûr," meaning "Cauldron of Fire," and it became their largest citadel.

Kuldhûr remained an independent Gauth City-state for many centuries, until the arrival of the Amari in the early Fourth Age. The Gauth made an early alliance with Lord Elroth Penrose, who had invaded the East on behalf of the Kingdom of Amar.

Around this same time, Alokkair made his way into the East, disguised as a Gauth sorcerer named "Pyritas." He secretly settled in the city of Kuldhûr and expanded his sphere of influence.

Capital of Kurath

The city was once the capital of the lost realm of Kurath. In the days of the kingdom of Adar, the city was about twice its present size but poverty and wars have reduced it to its present state.

For centuries, the city traded with Rhodara, via the trade route thought the Freehold of Trevalia, but after Alokkair took control of the region, almost all that trade dried up.