Kullen is a huge, albino half-orc brute from Diamond Lake, who tends bar at the Feral Dog; a local tavern owned by Balabar Smenk.

Local rumor has it; Kullen was once a gladiator in the Redmark Arena, and won his freedom after a string of bloody victories. His forehead still bears the scar of a slave tattoo. Kullen is usually accompanied by an unsavory group of mercenaries called "Kullen's Gang."

Kullen's Gang

  • Skell; a foul-mouthed, short-tempered rogue from Redmark
  • Todric; a former mercenary soldier from Erindar
  • Merovin; a quiet, but cruel wizard from Ammarind
  • Rastofan; a Vilzari priest from the Sea of Sand