Kûrloth Marshes

Capitol: none
Population: 97,000 (96% Adari, 4% Gauth)
Demi-humans: none
Humanoids: many (mostly lizard-men)
Government: Tribal
Current Leader: none
Coat of Arms: varies by tribe
Exports: herbs, pelts

A wet boggy region south of Morgoth, east of the Saugreth-Muir Mountains and south of the Mortai Valley. The marshlands run from the eastern base of the Saugreth-Muir to the southern tip of the Grôn chasm, and nearly to the city of Kuldhûr. The marshlands are treacherous and infested with foul lizard creatures under the sway of Sorimmar. The lizard-folk are not the only inhabitants of the marshes, however. Many of the Ashanti people, an ancient, fierce, and proud race, can also be found here.

Most of the Ashanti found here, dwell in small secluded communities, located high off the ground, at treetop level. These elevated structures protect them from marauding bands of lizard-men and orcs.