Freehold of Lakewood

Capital: Knarston (population: 6,000).
Population: 36,000 (70% Vaas, 25 % Ryndar, 5% other)
Demi-humans: 7,000 (75% dwarves, 15% elves, 10% halflings)
Humanoids: few
Government: Freehold
Current Leader: Viscountess Derovia Shay.
Coat of Arms: a golden sword over a grey tower upon a black and purple field
Imports: gold, iron, stone, gems, weapons
Exports: livestock, vegetables, grain, crafts

Lakewood is a small, independent Freehold, located on the northern shores of the Nolar Vaas, near the northern branch of the Eldir Vaas River.

This freehold has been a regional stronghold in the Wildlands for thousands of years. The rulers of Lakewood have always maintained order in the region, while its people have traded with the Wildfolk, and kept good relations with their tribes. The freehold also trades with the dwarves of Thürgen Feyr.

Long ago, Lakewood was conquered by Erindar, but in return for independence about 400 years ago, the freehold has taken on the charge of patrolling the overland trade routes of the Wildlands and patrolling the waters of the Nolar Vaas from piracy.

This is necessary because this region is infested with goblin raiding parties. On occasions, the goblins have gotten out of hand, and the Viscountess has been forced to ask the dwarves of Orrek for aid. In return she has rewarded them handsomely.

To fulfill its mission, the freehold can muster about 500 well-equipped mercenaries

Local History

The first settlement here was founded by Thorn Kilborne; a powerful Vaas warlord, hailing from the Thessalan Clan. His settlement, known as: "Knars-town;" (later shortened to Knarston), was ruled by the House of Kilborne for many years until the family was succeeded by the noble House of Argyle.

The Argyles continued to rule Lakewood for centuries until their family was destroyed by the Ravagers, and replaced by the House of Shay; which continues to rule the Freehold today.