Freehold of Lakewood

Capitol: Knarston (population: 6,000).
Population: 36,000 (65% Vaas, 22 % Amari, 12% Aeryn, 1% other)
Demi-humans: 7,000 (79% dwarves, 11% elves, 6% halflings, 9% gnomes)
Humanoids: few
Government: Freehold
Current Leader: Viscountess Derovia Shäe.
Coat of Arms: a golden sword over a grey tower upon a black and purple field
Imports: gold, iron, stone, gems, weapons
Exports: livestock, vegetables, grain, crafts

Lakewood is an independent freehold located in region of Corwyn known as Wildlands, near the junction of the Eldir Vaas River as it flows into the Nolar Vaas.

This area is also known as the Stonebridge Hills region. The folk of Lakewood were once subjects of Erindar, but have little to do with their old mother kingdom now. The men of this freehold trade with the Wildfolk, and have good relations with their tribes. The freehold also trades heavily with the dwarves of Thürgen Feyr. In return for independence from Erindar about 400 years ago, the freehold of Lakewood has taken on the charge of patrolling the overland trade routes of the Wildlands and patrolling the waters of the Nolar Vaas from piracy. This is necessary because this region is infested with goblin raiding parties. On occasions, the goblins have gotten out of hand, and the Viscountess has been forced to ask the dwarves of Orrek for aid. In return she has rewarded them handsomely. The freehold can muster about 500 mercenaries in time of war.