Duke Lars Parlfray

Lars Parlfray is a powerful Vaas noble who currently rules the Erindari Duchy of Haranshire from the large fortress of Parlfray Keep.

Lord Parlfray holds a good reputation as a wise and kind-hearted man, one who is greatly loved and respected by his subjects. He is now 56 years old, but in his prime, was considered a great warrior.

Seventenn years ago, Lars was hailed as a hero for his exploits against the hated Goblins at the Battle of Highmoor. Since then, he has become a very influential noble in the Kingdom of Erindar.

Lars has three older daughters, but his pride is his young son Loren, who is 17 years old and yearns for adventure, against the wishes of his overprotective father.


  • Lothar: 1062-1120/6
  • Elmar: 1120-1155/6
  • Lyndon: 1155-1187/6
  • Lyonel: 1187-1223/6
  • Lars: 1223/6-present


1037/6: Lothar born (210 yrs ago)
1062/6: Spire Keep Built, Parlfray Dynasty founded (185 yrs ago)
1075/6: Elmar born (172 yrs ago)
1116/6: Lyndon born (131 yrs ago)
1120/6: Lothar died, aged 83 (127 yrs ago)
1127/6: Parlfray Keep built (120 yrs ago)
1144/6: Lyonel born (103 yrs ago)
1155/6: Elmar died, aged 80 (92 yrs ago)
1187/6: Lyndon died, aged 71 (60 yrs ago)
1191/6: Lars born (56 yrs ago)
1201/6: Duke Lyonel victorious at Battle of the Swamp (46 yrs ago)
1223/6: Lyonel died, aged 79 (24 yrs ago)
1230/6: Loren born (17 yrs ago)
1240/6: Duke Lars victorious at Battle of Highmoor (7 yrs ago)