Lavender Palace

The Lavender Palace is a magnificent fortress that serves as home to the Sultan of Rhaygos.

This ornate and lavish Palace is located on a gently sloping hill overlooking the sprawling city of Chondar.

The palace is extremely large, with hundreds of rooms, and the entire structure is constructed with pale purple marble, from whence its name derives.

Surrounding the palace are acres of beautifully tended gardens, tended by hundreds of Hakeen servants.

The palace is said to be guarded magical fey creatures and contain portals to other worlds and dimensions.

Due to Hakeen superstition, to kill a dragonfly on the palace grounds is punishable by death, and locals say the red and white-cloaked Guardsmen protect the both the Sultan and his pets equally.

Today, the Lavender Palace is the home of Sultan Khafar Saram.