Lavinia Vanderboren

The Daughter of Verik and Larissa Vanderboren, and sister to Vanthus Vanderboren. Lavinia grew up in Sasserine, and as the child of a powewrful noble house, she was educated at the prestigious Thenalar Academy. Shortly after graduation, she was thrust early on into the responsibilities of nobility. Several years ago, Lavinia's parents perished in a terrible fire and her brother vanished from the public eye, leaving her to tend to her estate's needs all on her own. She is now sole owner of the Vanderboren Mercantile Holdings, which operates out of Azure District, but her family also has interests in Farshore, Shard, and Freeport.

She is also the owner of The Blue Nixie, a small merchant ship. Lavinia has a halfling servant named Kora. The luxurious Vanderboren estate is located on Festival Street in Sasserine. Lavinia was named for her famous ancestor; Lavinia Vanderboren; the heroic Bard of Caldera.

The Vanderboren family also has much influence in Caldera, where they are one of the ruling "Five Families" of that city. The Vanderboren family crest is a black wolf on a red field