King Lazaro Irazadi

King Lazaro Irazadi was an infamous ruler of Eldara who mercilessly ordered the Vilzari city of Eto put to the sword at the conclusion of the War of Tears.

Lazaro was the eldest son of King Ragnar III, and the 48th monarch of the Irazadi Dynasty. He was known as a man with an iron will and a vicious temper.

He sat upon the Amethyst Throne when Vilzar invaded Eldara in the year 1044/6. This invasion and the subsequent fighting came to be called the War of Tears, because so many innocent Eldaran and Vilzari women and children perished.

The low-point of the war was the Vilzari siege and capture of the Eldaran city of Sathay, after which most of its population was either slaughtered or carried away on ships, doomed to a life of slavery.

The King was particularly enraged by the Vilzari attack, because his own niece; Aricela was among the dead in the fall of Sathay.

King Lazaro avenged this tragedy by first defeating all Vilzari armies on the field. In the year 1049/6, He then sailed an Eldaran fleet to the Vilzari seaport of Eto and utterly destroyed it, putting tens of thousands to the sword without mercy.

It is said, King Lazaro muttered the words "Aricela is avenged," as he watched the Vilzari city of Eto burned to the ground and its people massacred.

The War of Tears ended shortly after; with much hatred and bitterness harbored on both sides.

King Lazaro Irazadi reigned on the Amethyst Throne between the years 1044 thru 1059/6. Upon his death, he was succeeded by his son, King Morgan III