King Leland Uzren

King Leland was the first ruler of Marundi from the Uzren Dynasty.

In the year 674/6, Leland succeeded King Cerland Haldane II, after his death during the Battle of Krell.

Leland's rise to the throne was controversial, because at that time, Marundi had just fought in the War of Crows, and been on the losing side. Much of the kingdom's territory was, at that time, occupied by allied soldiers. The victorious allies played a heavy hand in Leland's ascension to the Bearclaw Throne.

At the time, it was felt by many Thaldain that the House of Uzren was chosen because for their loyalty and subservience to the allies, and not for their loyalty to their own Marundian subjects. As a result, the Uzren family was considered traitors and illegitimate by many Thaldain nobles.

This hostility later manifested itself in four separate assassination attempts on King Leland. This malcontent also resulted in centuries of political infighting that plagued the Uzren Dynasty throughout its existence.