Kingdom of Lhazar

Capitol: Lhazar City (population: 90,000)
Population: 1,233,000 (85% Iskari, 15% other)
Demi-humans: 125,000 (40% dwarves, 40% elves, 15% halflings, 5% gnomes)
Humanoids: goblins, ogres, giants
Government: Monarchy (currently ruled by the Iradi Dynasty)
Current Leader: Queen Elinor Iradi II
Coat of Arms: a quartered purple and gold field with black griffons and white lions
Exports: gold, silver, gems, ships, textiles, mercenaries

Powerful Island kingdom, located on the Isle of Iradi in the Sea of Lhazar.

Lhazar is the most successful surviving Iskari civilization on the Continent of Iskandar. The Capitol of Lhazar is Lhazar City.