Kingdom of Lhazar

Capital: Lhazar City (population: 90,000)
Population: 1,233,000 (85% Iskari, 15% other)
Demi-humans: 125,000 (40% dwarves, 40% elves, 15% halflings, 5% gnomes)
Humanoids: goblins, ogres, giants
Government: Monarchy (currently ruled by the Iradi Dynasty)
Current Leader: Queen Elinor Iradi II
Coat of Arms: a quartered purple and gold field with black griffons and white lions
Exports: gold, silver, gems, ships, textiles, mercenaries

Lhazar is a powerful Island kingdom, located on the Isle of Iradi in the Sea of Lhazar, and the most successful surviving Iskari civilization on the Continent of Ikharos. The Capital of Lhazar is Lhazar City.


Long before Lhazar was an independent kingdom, it was a small island colony of the ancient nation of Kalinor. When the terrible meteor storm of Skyfall struck the continent of Ikharos, Kalinor was destroyed, along with every other civilization on the continent. The island colony of Lhazar was plunged into darkness and chaos for over 1,000 years. What emerged from this millennium of barbarity was a small human civilization that began to rebuild itself. Over the next several centuries, the Lhazarians built up their island; safe from the bands of raiders, who were running wild all over the continent raping and pillaging.


About 1,500 years ago, the kingdom of Lhazar was founded by a powerful Iskari noble House, which became the Iradi Dynasty. As the years drew by, Lhazar became a strong regional power in its own right. The Lhazarians built fleets of ships for purposes of trade, not military conquest.