Lizard-folk are a savage, amphibious, race of humanoids who dwell in the various wetlands of Oris.

Most Lizard-folk are organized into primitive tribal groups, which generally inhabit marshes and swamps in the temperate and warm regions of both Corwyn and Azoria. The majority dwell in swamps in well-hidden lairs, but around a third of these creatures actually lair in underwater caves that are filled with air.

Being superstitious, they will often serve more powerful creatures, treating them as divine figures. If, for any reason, that belief falls into question, lizard-folk will test that creature's powers. If found wanting, they will destroy them for having misled the tribe.

This innate ability to question the world around them can cause some lizardfolk to stray from their tribes and seek to understand the races beyond their swamps.

Because of their primitive nature, Lizardfolk use only weapons crudely fashioned from bronze, stone, or wood, but their strength and agility makes them deadly adversaries. Lizardfolk raiding parties are greatly feared by humans because of the creatures terrible reputation for eating the flesh of their captives.


Lizardfolk are bipedal reptiles that have a humanoid body shape. Their heads look very snake-like and often they have large bony crests that run from the tops of their head down to their tails. Lizardfolk tails are thick and supply balance, but are otherwise useless. Lizardfolk scales come in many shades of greenish-black color, their undersides are a pale pinkish-white. Most Lizardfolk have coloring in these shades.