(Pop: 550) Longbridge is a small trading community, located in the eastern foothills of the Axehead Mountains.

This small village is a quiet community and keep to itself. The village is cut off on three sides by the rapidly flowing Quickstep River; the stone bridge built over this river gave the town its unoriginal namesake.

Behind the town are jagged foothills, making it fairly secure. For this reason, there are no walls around the town, its only protection is a small militia force that patrols the area and keeps the peace.

The largest building in town is the Greenbriar Inn, owned by Delek, a local merchant. The town’s main income is farming and hunting. The town prospers by sending grain and animal hides downriver by barge to the junction with the larger Granite River, where they are shipped to the large city of Redmark.

The town is best-known for its annual “Fire Festival.” The origins of this festival began long ago when a comet appeared in the night sky named the “Dragon’s Tear.” Every 27 years, the comet has appeared and during the 27 days it is present in the night sky, a column of magical fire has erupted from the local mountaintop, known as Firestorm Peak. The festival is held every year, although in 26 out of every 27 years; locals must climb the ascent and build a great pyre atop the mountain; next to the famous “Mirror Gate.”

The "Gate" is the most famous artifact in the entire region. Built into the side of the mountain's peak, this simple, circular doorway is made entirely of Nephilium; an extremely rare metal, that when refined, has a polished mirror-like appearance. The gate itself is smooth, without any inscription or symbols on its face, and although it is thousands of years old, it never shows any wear. No one knows exactly how to open the gate , although locals say the door opens of its own accord, once every 27 years when the comet is overhead. The problem with entry is that when the portal opens, the mountain-top is covered with deadly flames, which prevent entry.

Recent Events

This quiet community began experiencing trouble around the time of the last appearance of the comet. Since the last festival, stillbirths among animals and humans, plagues of locusts, disease and drought have all infested this community. In the last several years, attacks by natural creatures of wild have increased markedly. During this same period, there have reports of the appearance of lethal creatures never before seen by human eyes.

These creatures seem to have made their lairs on or near Firestorm Peak. Even more disturbing is the sharp increase of random episodes of cruelty and violence within the local population. Recently, in and around town, there have been several random murders and many more unexpected assaults and brutal beatings. Although there is no concrete evidence, many of the locals have begun to blame these unfortunate events on Firestorm Peak and the coming comet. They have begun to call it, “the Cursed Season.”

The Lost Expedition

27 years ago, the town was visited by a group of strangers, who were interested in the magical flame from the sky during the passage of the comet. They were led by two men; Madreus the Alienist and another man named Nigel. The group said they intended to explore the peak of the mountain during the period of time when the comet was directly overhead. Sadly, none of the members of the expedition ever returned to Longbridge.

Local figures

  • Mayor Willowby
  • Delek; Owner of the Greenbriar Inn
  • Argus; High Priest of the Temple of Gorash
  • Nala; young woman currently staying at the Greenbriar