Lore of the Magical Stones of Corwyn

In ages past on Corwyn fair
Forgotten kings who had no heir
In Sorcerë, put their trust
For swords were brittle and turned to rust.

Wise they were, these men of old
Their craft learned by Elven told.
These nine most wise from near and far
For their counsel, ancient kings named Saar.

For Saar did command both fire and sea
All birds of the sky, mountain, and tree.
The power of mighty men, stars, and moon
Obeyed the wise word, voice and rune.

Evil kings trembled, and were keen aware
For the council of nine were true and fair
A just cause they served, of peace and hope
And darkness they banished, withered and smote.

Their essence in stone, they did create
To live beyond life mortal, great.
The orbs of Saar were made thus, nine
For all schools of magic, by design.

With orbs each held, Saar thus did make
An almighty orb for mage to give, man to take.
Its power’s greatness, ere’ unseen
As weapon to wield, for knowledge to glean.

From furnace hot, and fires bright
In Mount Orendren’s core of blazing light.
The orb was wrought in glass o’mirror
Its name came whence, the Orenthir.

Lo, Stone of Oren was not their only feat.
T’were but many tasks for mage to complete.
With orb of Saar, they did create
Gifts for wise kings mortal, great.

For Elves, three stones each, of blue, red, green,
Which ne’er man nor Dwarf have touched nor seen.
For Dwarves, five stones of purple glow,
For use in their deep dark halls below.

For men of might, seven stones glow bright
To wield as swords against the night.
For Western men swore to watch and guard,
Against Dark Lord of East, grim and hard.

Against these seven stones of men,
Did Dark Lord create counter to them.
Seven great stones of gleaming jet,
Used by evil for conquest and threat.

Dark Lord did give his stones of death
To seven fierce Kings of Saugreth.
These Eastern kings, through malice and hate,
Did become masters, of spell and sword, great.

Seven fell kings of men served the Dark Lord,
they invaded the west, leading his horde.
Seven shadows of evil, from whom all run,
Were named by ancient kings, the Faceless Ones.