Duchess Lorelei Pike

Lorelei Pike is a Vaas noblewoman, hailing from the Vesten Clan, who currently rules the Elyrian city of Pike’s Ferry.

Duke Tristan Pike had seven daughters and no sons, his eldest daughter was Lorelei, and since his death seven years ago, she has ruled her family's namesake city.

As has long been a tradition in the Pike family, Lorelei was taught about politics and power from an early age.

She was a quick study, and learned the most important secret of Pike success; the family Philosophy or "Precepts of Pike." (see below)

Lorelei is an extremely shrewd and capable political ruler. It is said little goes on in her city that Lady Pike is unaware of.

In addition to her noble title, Lorelei is the current Matriarch of House Pike; one of the wealthiest and most influential families not only in the Kingdom of Elyria, but on the entire Continent of Corwyn.

Lorelei's official title is: "Duchess of the Eastvale, and Lady of Pike's Ferry."


  • Never tell anyone the real reason you did something unless it is useful to do so
  • Most people are basically selfish and evil; remember that and you will never be betrayed
  • The best way to handle people is to tell them what they want to hear
  • Anyone who completely trusts anyone else is a fool
  • Assume that all people have a vicious streak and it will come out when they are given a chance
  • Never reveal your true feelings about anything
  • Do more listening than speaking
  • Knowledge and political leverage are more useful than force of arms
  • The ends always justify the methods
  • All people who have succeeded in the world follow these precepts