Queen Lorica Kharata

Lorica Kharata was the daughter of King Tilvanos of Eloysia, and the mother of Al'Dur; who would one day forge the great Eloysian Empire of Azoria.

After her father Tilvanos died, Lorica assumed the Jade Throne, ruling the Kingdom Eloysia between the years AR -17 and AR 001. Her reign was relatively peaceful, compared with her father's. Queen Lorica had seen the horrors of war firsthand, and did not want her young son to witness such tragedy.

Therefore, instead of outright conquest, Lorica attempted to broker treaties with the neighboring City-states of Oriad, Eriskhar, and the Seven Cities of Bronze demanding tribute in lieu of outright military invasion.

Throughout lorica's reign on the throne, several neighboring rulers paid only lip service to her demands and did not meet their agreed-upon tribute obligations. Some rulers outright defied her, believing in the weakness of a female ruler.

Nine different city-states would come to regret these foolish decisions once her eldest son Al'Dur assumed the famous Jade Throne.