Lorynäe Anarivon

Lorynäe Anarivon was the High-Priestess of the Ectharë Royal Court at Elutheria, who attempted to overthrow the Elven nation Ectharë by murdering King Starion Alessarë. She later became the ruler of the Dark-Elves

Although Lorynäe did slay King Starion, the rebellion was ultimately unsuccessful. After much bitter fighting, she and her followers were banished from Ectharë, and driven into the East.

In the centuries that followed, Lorynäe and her followers waged unrelenting warfare against the Silvar-Elves, in what came to be called the War of Wrath. In 1541/2, at the climactic Battle of Grôn, Lorynäe and all the Dark-Elves were finally defeated and driven from the surface to permanently dwell in the Underdark.


Lorynäe originally hailed from the eastern elvish city of Saravôsh. From early childhood she sought divine powers and became intensely spiritual and religious. As her power and influence grew, she moved to the elven capital of Elutheria and made her presence known at court.


As Lorynae's powers increased, she began to attract many followers among the Silvar-Elves. Her group became known as the Zhinza; or "Order of the Spider;" and its followers, called the Dro-vhar, soon numbered in the tens of thousands.

As her power and influence grew, Lorynäe moved her high temple to the Elven capital of Elutheria and she became a close confidant of King Starion Alessarë.

Many Elven sages believe Lorynäe was Starion's mistress and greatly desired to be his wife, but Starion spurned her. Other scholars theorize she only wanted the Eternal Throne for herself, and may have been influenced by dark spirits, or even demonic forces.

In any event, King Starion was betrayed by Lorynäe and her followers in the year 537/2. In an elaborate plot, she murdered Starion and attempted to usurp the Eternal Throne.

What followed was complete chaos, with elves slaying each other en masse on the streets of Elutheria; the elven capitol city. The loyalist faction of Elves was led Starion's son; Ismelian; who swore revenge upon Lorynäe and all her followers.

Ismelian himself was was a fierce warrior and strong military leader; most sages agree that it was only due to his his fantastic leadership abilities, that Lorynäe and her followers were prevented from stealing control of the Elven-Throne.


After Lorynäe was defeated in her attempt to steal the Elvish throne, she fled east from Elutheria, back to her home city of Saravôsh. Once there, she orchestrated a long military campaign against the Elves of Ectharë.

Around that same time, Lorynäe established a new elvish realm east of the Saugreth-Muir Mountains called "Drotharë," and named herself "the Spider-Queen."

For nearly a millennia thereafter, the two elven kingdoms were constantly at war with one another.


At some point during the War of Wrath, Lorynäe underwent a dark magic ritual, transforming herself into a living Goddess; part elf and part spider. From then on, she became known as Lolth; the "Spider-Queen".