Lost Cities of the Known World

Throughout the world of Oris, there are many ruined cities; monuments to great civilizations of the distant past that have long disappeared from existence. Now only crumbling ruins remain.

Below is a list of the 42 most famous ruined cities in the world of Oris, and their location:

On the Continent of Avokhar:

On the Continent of Corwyn:

  • Adarond: (City of the Dead) located in an eastern valley of the Saugreth-Muir; this Adari city was once the capitol of the lost kingdom of Adar. Now a haunted ruin and inhabited only by evil spirits
  • Elutheria: located underneath the present day city of Atharavon, this former elvish city was once part of the lost realm of Ectharë

On the Continent of Iskandar:


On the Continent of Za'har:

  • Ataclan: Once the capitol of the earliest Olman civilization on Za'har
  • Khorov: Now infested with demons, this ruined city was once the capitol of the infamous Deskari Kingdom of Khorovia