Duke Lukan Whitehall

Lukan Whitehall is a powerful Thannish aristocrat who currently rules both the city of Eldarand and the Duchy of Azimar.

House Whitehall

The noble Whitehall family has a long and distinguished history. House Whitehall was founded 1,200 years by a daring Eldaran Knight named Vance Whitehall, who bravely served King Damion Irazadi of Eldara on several important quests. In return he was granted a title and lands, which are still held by the family today.

Over the centuries, House Whitehall grew in both power and influence, culminating seven centuries ago, when Lord Garigos Whitehall was named "Duke of Eldarand."

Since that time, the Whitehalls have been a fixture at the Eldaran court for nearly 750 years, and hold enormous influence in the kingdom. In fact no less than a dozen monarchs have married into this family, but strangely no actual Whitehall has been anointed "King of Eldara." Rumor has it; the members of House Whitehall prefer to work behind the scenes, quietly pulling the levers of power.