Magreb was a King who ruled Vilzar in the early Fourth Age, and who was responsible for a great atrocity called the "Legacy of Magreb."

Magreb was a Vilzari warlord, who came to rule over the Sea of Sand in the Fourth Age. He was a cruel and wicked leader, with a xenophobic hatred of all other sentient races.

During his reign, King Magreb ordered the ruthless extermination of the races of gnomes, halflings, and dwarves. He also instilled a superstitions hatred of these races which has endured to this very day.

Some legends say Magreb was a half-elf, others says he was possessed by a demon. But all accounts agree he was the cruelest Vilzari ruler in history.

The Vilzari believe that short-stature beings are possessed by a "Surgat," a type of demon from the underworld, and are therefore cursed.

They will kill dwarves, halflings and gnomes on sight. In many cases, Vilzari will kill or abandon their own offspring if they do not grow properly in height.

Since that time, these other races have not been seen in the region. Only the resilient Desert-Elves were able to escape by migrating into the deepest recesses of the Sea of Sand.