Queen Majadra of Xhaarata

Queen Majadra was a famous ruler of the independent City-State of Xhaarata. In the early years of the Eloysian Empire, Queen Majadra defied the Eloysians regarding tribute obligations, and as a result her territory was invaded by Emperor Al'Dur Kharata and his Myrmidon Legions in the year AR 16.

Queen Majadra was not going down without a fight. She mustered all of her own soldiers and hired 10,000 soldiers from the Golden Falcon Company; an elite Daroon mercenary unit to aid her defense. Unfortunately, the Eloysian forces wiped out her armies and her mercenaries.

In the year AR 21, rather than suffer the humiliation of capture, Queen Majadra took poison as her city walls were breached. She never lived to see her city burned to the ground in retribution.

The City of Xhaarata eventually rebuilt itself, and today, a huge 100 foot statue of the Queen stands in the central plaza of Xhaarata as a reminder of her fierce spirit and refusal to surrender.