Malachar Vilmartine; "the Traitor-Knight"

Malachar Vilmartine was a traitorous knight of the Ravinian Empire, who betrayed and murdered Empress Ravinia, then stole the Orenthir. This savage act commenced the Cataclysm.

Malachar came from the imperial province of Gwynne, and always resented the Empress, the Empire, and the influence of the Council of Theos at the Imperial Court.

He made a secret pact with Sorimmar to overthrow the Empire and soon became famous after the Battle of Corrensyr, where he destroyed a large orc army sent by Drakhara. Malachar soon became a close adviser to the Empress and a member of her Military Council.

Rumors persist even today that he was Ravinia’s lover as well. In 621/5, Malachar led a rebel Gwynnish army against the Imperial capital of Arynäe. He captured the city, killed King Erondar Myrnäe II, and then moved west, raping and plundering as he went.

At the Battle of Fessenden in 623/5, Malachar’s army was stopped and driven back, but not defeated. He was finally slain by Elrovar Myrnäe III in 625/5, during the Battle of Harkalad.

Legend has it that Lord Malachar rose from the dead as a vampire, forever feasting on the blood of the living. Even today, his castle is a haunted, deserted ruin.